How to get more likes and followers on your instagram account (or any other social media)

No one can deny the importance of social media nowadays , whether you are an individual or a business having more followers and likes means you have a strong presence online . By gaining more exposure online ,you can promote your business and make it grow bigger.

The best way to get likes for Instagram is by purchasing them , but the problem is that many companies sell fake follows done by bots or peoples who are not interested in your content , these kinds of follows will disappear by time and will be worthless, that's why in this guide i will show you step by step how to get followers for your Instagram and get exactly what you paid for .

1. Sign up to

click on the link , and then click on create an account , fill the form and you are good to go Make sure you verify your account using your email

2. click on shop 

now a drop down menu will appear , select the social media you want to promote
In the next page you will find many different options , you can select how many likes or follows you want , if you want them to be targeted to a specific country or random.

   If you can't afford to buy the amount of followers you want , Fanslave gives you the ability to trade for follows (or likes) , and that easily by going to the "earn page" and following others pages , and in return you will earn credits that you can use to get followers for yourself , it's that easy


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